Paid ads for customer acquisition – a review of the best platforms and prices  for the hair & beauty salon industry

New customer purchase fuels every company but with so many alternatives, which do you choose? In this post we’ll review the best paid advertisements options out there.

But with numerous acquisition choices you might be wondering:

  • Which are the best platforms to market on?
  • And what does it cost to get a new client?

If this sounds a lot like you – stick around. We have compiled 15 of their best paid advertising options, for the consideration. In addition, we’ve included a fantastic estimate of the costs related to every so you can select an advertisement type which best fits your budget and your requirements.


1. Display network campaign


If your target is to be seen everywhere and by everyone, advertising via Google’s Partner Network is a wise option. With over two million websites and 650,000 apps, your advertisement is guaranteed wide visibility and also a potentially large audience.

Pick CPC if your target is to create traffic.

Choose CPM if your target is to increase achieve — 1000 impressions cost ~$10.

None of that matters if the traffic does not convert when picking CPA you cover when the goal was attained — such as a new subscription, purchase, etc..

Launch your first Screen Network Campaign through AdWords is fast. However, if you are unsure how to get started — assess this video guide.


2. Google product list advertisements


Item listing ads are fantastic for a ecommerce business because your products look in a banner at the peak of the search outcome.

The difference between merchandise and standard text ads is the merchandise listings include a picture and the cost of the item as a portion of the snippet.

While the price of this method may fluctuate, your everyday budget could be as small as $10 per day. Our experiments show that on average, the cost per click is about $1.

Assess where it is available.

Before launching a product listing ad, make sure you have completed extensive market research to appraise your industry’s competitiveness. There are an infinite number of merchants selling blue t-shirts for example, but only a couple of dozen advertisements e-book readers.

Getting started is fairly straightforward; simply add your own products to Google Merchant Center and link your AdWords account for it. Next, you merely have to create a new effort for”Search Network only”. Try out this movie if you’d like to see the procedure being carried out before getting started.


3. Gmail ads


Where’s the one place most people spend a lot of their time? Their inbox.

Using 1 billion gmail users globally, this advertising platform is one which you should not miss.

According to Quality Score, the CPC varies between $0.10 to $1.15++.

During your campaign life, your domain score will change based on CTR, the amount of mails marked as junk, etc.. The higher the Quality Score the lower your CPC will be.

Your client acquisition campaign for gmail starts with AdWords. Log in to your account and follow those steps.

Create a new”Screen Networks just” effort

No advertising objective

“All attributes”.

After you complete all areas, save and proceed to the advertisement group section.

Now within the next window, then select”Use a different targeting process”. Then search for gmail and insert “” to the stage where the ad is going to be put.

If you require assistance with getting through the setup, this video manual is beneficial.


4. Advertise with YouTube


Here is just another platform boasting tens of thousands of consumers with countless hours of movies streamed daily. This is a goldmine for creative heads. All you need to get started is that a video hosted on YouTube. You’ve got total freedom to make the video any length and type you desire. Find out more about this advertising option here.

Yet again, everything is set up through your AdWords account – it just can not get any easier than that. In accordance with YouTube, 200 video views would cost you just $10. And you pay only if these users interact with your advertisement or watch more than 30 minutes of it.

Your very first video campaign could be produced here and to get some ad inspiration – click here.


5. Now, with a couple distinct customer acquisition strategies below your belt, it’s time to learn the importance of blending these ad choices.


Have you ever counted how many times you’ve seen a new name before you actually paid attention to their services or products?

So, it’s a must to create more than 1 ad and utilize a number of different methods to construct your marketing funnels.

This Is the Way we do it:

  • Run a CPM Display Network effort to boost awareness
  • With a gmail advertisement, you can crawl deeper into their subconscious thoughts.
  • Deploy a YouTube advertisement to help raise interest.
  • Then utilize product list advertisements to seal the bargain.

The best part? Though the user will view your ad on multiple events, you may largely pay only for clicks or conversions.


6. Bing Ads


To mix up your customer acquisition strategy, try experimenting with Bing.

Interesting fact: 59 million lookup users on Bing are not reached on Google.

Bing searchers are somewhat more mature and tend to spend 25% more time on the web than Google’s audience.

Should you need more convincing, think about that with Bing ads that you can save approximately 50% with the identical setup like Google, and in certain instances the price per purchase will be three times lower.

This video guide shows you how to have it done. To begin, click here.


7. Yahoo Gemini Ads


1 billion Yahoo users and 600 million monthly cellular customers make this a tempting addition to your client acquisition strategy. Nonetheless, the tough set-up is a huge downside.

We discovered that this campaign type could have the lowest CPC and acquisition price compared to Google and Bing Ads. The disadvantage comes when you begin creating the campaign. It can be quite a roller-coaster.

In theory, importing your new campaign from AdWords ought to be possible, however even with Yahoo’s how-to manual , we did not manage to do that in our experiments.

If you’re ready to spend some time developing a campaign with Yahoo, you can begin here.


8. Facebook’s advertising funnel


With 1.8 billion busy Facebook users, each of whom spends an average of 50 minutes each day on the app, this is your golden egg of customer acquisition plans.

At the end of the afternoon, this also could be the only ad campaign you need to create. However, before you jump in, take a while to get comfortable with Facebook’s Business Manager.

Start small – boost an engagement advertisement and see what happens.

Then move on to enlarging your marketing funnel. Our favorite funnel looks something like this:

Share a piece of content on Facebook and encourage it to the appropriate audience. If your organization is in Australia, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand, you can try advertisements in Facebook groups, as you can put your content in which it really adds value.

Then develop an email arrangement that aims to market or find a Skype call with your prospect.

Emails may also be employed to create a lookalike audience which generally converts with dual digit conversion speed.

Following the purchase – re-target and upsell.

9. Advertise on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn community is for you when your crowd is HR managers and job seekers, since you can target them directly.

There are a few distinct customer acquisition choices that may get expensive. As an example, the minimum bid for a CPC ad could begin anywhere from $2 and track upwards. Nevertheless, you may set your daily budget in a minimum of 10 to remain in control of these expenditures.

Together with your intended persona in your mind, we think that it’s a cinch to begin with Linkedin advertisements but if you need assistance, this movie guide explains all of it. To create your first ad – click here.


10. Snapchat’s Geofilters


Snapchat is excellent for people who wish to share quick stories of what they’re around. In fact, 2.5 billion snaps have been sent each and every day.

With regard to (affordable) acquisition strategies, Snap Inc. allows businesses to advertise their brand by making a Geofilter. It’s a photo that appears on Snaps at a certain place, measured in ft.

Now to the fun part — the filter production.

Snapchat has simplified this process and you are able to choose and modify unique templates here. Or, make your own PNG after the instructions here.

Then choose the timeframe and place, submit your order and await the confirmation.

That’s it!

When your campaign is launched, take pleasure in the filter, share with your followers and watch the stats on your profile under”My Geofilters”.


11. Ads with Instagram


In case you experience an Instagram business account, you can benefit from advertisements there instead of Facebook. Instagrammers are known to be a lot of visual folks and they love to participate with the material.

In addition, these ads will cost you slightly less than on Facebook, starting at roughly $1 per action.

Instagram ads are created through Facebook’s advertising manager. Full instructions can be found here.

Alternatively, you can pick your favourite post and click on the”market” button on Instagram.


12. Boost your Pins


Promoted Pins will make it a lot easier to reach over 150 million monthly Pinterest users, who occasionally also purchase the stuff they pin. If you provide anything pretty, actionable, and helpful, this is where to share it. Price per click starts at around $2.

Pins collect engagement over time and involvement can grow by up to 20% after the campaign is over. This is a superb customer acquisition plan with a long-term attention.

In order to start, we suggest beginning with this movie . In case you planning to become serious with Pinterest, enabling Rich Pins is crucial (following is a video guide).


13. Advertise with Amazon


Amazon is much more than the shopping platform it used to be. Since Amazon started analyzing its product listing ads, this client acquisition plan is rapidly turning into a worthwhile consideration.

Customer acquisition costs may go as low as $1 per click. Amazon also provides premium advertising choices which will set your advertisements not just on but in their other programs, websites, and devices too.

Watch this video to have a better comprehension of how this platform works.


14. Ads on Reddit


People on communities such as Reddit are seeing each other’s backs and may be useful when it comes to spreading good thoughts.

This stage can rocket your site’s traffic should you market interesting and worth adding information or products, but will swallow your marketing budget in case your only focus is to sell.

Reddit works nicely if your attention is to grow your email list and receive new signups.

Following is a video that clarifies how to put up things and gives some great pointers about what it requires to have a successful campaign on this platform.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this Reddit manual is very helpful when it comes to knowing how to make the most of your effort.


15. Advertise with StumbleUpon


Last but not least, there is StumbleUpon.

Recently, one of our own Linkody posts was added to StumbleUpon by somebody popular on this stage. The outcome? Traffic increased nearly threefold.

StumbleUpon is on our list of customer acquisition strategies and we advise you to consider it as well.

Stefan Maescher gives excellent insights with his articles’s success story.

Promoting a post with this platform takes 3 clicks and it all starts here. All you need is a sweet bit of content.

Are you ready to diversify your customer acquisition efforts?

We wanted to show that putting all your eggs in 1 basket is a no-go when it comes to successful customer acquisition. Nowadays, there are so many ad opportunities that the quantity of choice alone can lead to confusion. As I hope we’ve shown in this post, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Should you need a hand with establishing any of these ad types, let’s know in the comments below. Share your knowledge with your experiences and advice about what works best in your different industries.

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